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Welcome to


['Imi Ola] is the Hawaiian word
means to seek life, encouraging us to search
for the best we can do in our life's journey.


everyone who visits here 
get out of your busy life

in the midst of abundant nature
take a slow deep breath

A place where you can return to your original self


'Imi Ola House aims to be such a place

opened in 2019
It is a villa-style B&B limited to one group per day.

Surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Kyushu

'Imi Ola House surrounded by deep trees
All you here while staying is...

babbling of the river

birds chirping

the sound of the wind rustling the leaves.

In a thick and soft free-flowing hot spring

Please enjoy the time when you can unwind both physically and mentally.



A female owner is a animal lover who also loves reading and traveling

Staff cats who are spoiled and has their own pace

A private inn run one human and two cats

Please come to the house of an old and inconsiderate friend
With the ease of going out to play

please come visit

♦︎ Check-in    15:00-20:00
♦︎ Check out  10:00

♦︎ With breakfast / without dinner
♦︎ Up to 4 people per group at a time
♦︎ Please bring your own toothbrush and pajamas
Because there are many shoji and breakables
    Please inquire about staying with children

♦︎ Those with cat allergies​

Your reservation will be confirmed with a reply email.
If you are in a hurry, you can also make a reservation by phone.



The bedrooms are tatami mats, and the living room is a modern Japanese architecture with flooring. The open living room and adjacent 9-tatami mat bedroom can be separated with fusuma (sliding doors) to create a completely private space.





​Hot spring tour


Feel like a hot spring sommelier by soaking in famous hot springs! Day trip to Beppu

It's fun to stretch your legs!

gourmet tour


I can't go home without eating this!
Chicken tempura, dumpling soup, etc.
​Eating around Oita specialties



15 minutes by car to Yufudake trailhead.
Those who are not satisfied with ordinary sightseeing
How about mountain climbing?

afternoon nap


Taking a relaxing nap while listening to the rich sounds of nature at the inn is a luxurious way to spend time.

souvenir hunting


Yuzu gosho and donko, a specialty
Products using kabosu and more!
Take home made in Oita

Unagi Hime Shrine 


Surrounded by hundreds of years old trees
at a local power spot
energy charge

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